Volume 1
Issue #1
Aug. 1997
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World Collapses
The Russians.
Shtejtl survives
First Kaddish.
Out of the Grave
Yom Kippur Action
The Baby
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I Almost Killed ...
Ghetto Escape
In Hiding
The Liberation.
The Killings
Why Jews?
War against Jews
Victims of Antisem
The Worst Camp
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Hitler - Syphilitic
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Hlc. Syndrome
The Rescuers
Jewish Resistance
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Jews Abandoned
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Courageous Christians
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Almighty God! Let the Ashes of the Children incinerated in Auschwitz, rivers of blood spilled in Babbi Yar or Majdanek, be a warning to mankind that violence is destructive, hatred is contagious, while man has an unlimited capacity for cruelty.


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America and the Holocaust

Somretimes ago, I received the following e-mail:

"Mr. Kimel,"
"As a Jew- with half a side of my family killed during the Holocaust- I do agree that we should remember the Holocaust victims, but on the other hand, American soldiers were the ones rescuing the Jews from the concentration camps, so I don't understand why you say that the U.S. did so little to help."


The liberation of about 50,000 Jew, remnants of the European Jewry was a byproduct of the war. Nothing was done to save the six millions. On the opposite, the English government and the American State Department tried hard to suppress the gruesome news about the Holocaust, Jewish escapees were denied entry to any country. The Jews were left alone to face their doom. Nobody cared.

In my opinion there were simple, effective steps that could have been taken:

1. Dropping of commandos and arms, to organize effective Jewish resistance.

2. Bombing of the Death Camps.

3. Unleashing of a propaganda war to make the German people aware of the atrocities.

4. Calls to all nations to save Jews.

5. Instructing all the Underground Organizations, supported by the Allies, to accept Jews and to punish the acts of violence against Jews.

6. Open appeal to the Churches to remind them about their moral responsibilities.

Nothing was done to save even a fraction of the Jewry, and in this light the liberation of 50,000 Jews from the camps, was inconsequential, unintended byproduct of the war. hline.gif - 2.4 K

Holocaust - Jewish Exclusivity?

Sometimes ago I received the following e-mail:

"I scanned your opening web site frame. It seems at odds with conventional wisdom. Commonly circulated figures have it that the Nazis massacred 11 million people during World War II - 6 million Jews, and 5 million Poles, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and others."

"You assert that the Nazis massacred 6.5 million Jews, 200 thousand to 500 thousand Gypsies, and only 10 thousand Homosexuals, for a total of 6.71 million to 7.1 million souls - which translates to 92% to 97% Jews (if my arithmetic is correct). To that, you add 1.5 million Armenians massacred independently and opportunistically by the Turks, for a total of 7.76 million to 8.6 million souls."

"As I see it, this is one of the main problems that the modern, non-Jewish world has with the Holocaust - it has been completely and entirely co-opted by the Jews. All the world ever hears about is "the 6 million Jews."

"As far as we non-Jews are concerned (excluding the fringe groups), yes: Hitler exterminated 11 million people, and yes: over half of them were Jews, only because they were Jews. But also: nearly half of those exterminated by the Nazis were NOT Jews - at least by our best reconstruction of the Nazis' definition. To the Gentile world, the Jews' claim of COMPLETE ownership of the Holocaust is disingenuous and, frankly, exasperating."

"If the Jews relinquished ownership of the Holocaust from themselves to the entire modern world - that is, if we heard more talk about ALL the 11 million people massacred by the Nazis, as opposed to JUST the 6 million Jews - there might be less resistance, resentment, exasperation, denial and, frankly, anti-Semitism. I would be grateful for your response."


Your e-mail contains many revisionist myths and half-truths that in totality change the image of the tragedy called Holocaust:

1. The Armenian Massacre took place during World War I, and it is not connected with the Holocaust. The indifference of the so-called "civilized world" toward the killing made the holocaust possible.

2. Your stated:" Commonly circulated figures have it that the Nazis massacred 11 million people during World War II - 6 million Jews, and 5 million Poles...'

The killing of 5 million Poles is a myth. The Poles suffered heavy losses during WWII, but those were losses sustained in the Battle for England, in the battlefields of Italy, in the abortive Warsaw Uprising, etc. In additions Poles were killed by Stalin and Hitler, in their extensive use of political terror. At no time were Polish men women and children gassed in the German Death Camps. Polish mothers did not carry their babies to the execution, Polish fathers did not lead their children to the gas chambers.

There are no reliable statistics pertaining to the Polish losses. The figures are based on the demographic changes, and are mostly projections. After the WWII, Poland "moved" to the West and the make up of the population was radically changed.

3. As to your statement the "To the Gentile world, the Jews' claim of COMPLETE ownership of the Holocaust is disingenuous and, frankly, exasperating.", let me quote a Christian writer, - David S. Wyman,[ The Abandonment of the Jews (p. XI,X, XI).]

"The Holocaust was certainly a Jewish tragedy. But it was not only a Jewish tragedy. It was also a Christian tragedy, a tragedy of the Western civilization, and a tragedy for all humankind. The killing was done by people, to other people, while still other people stood by. The perpetrators, where they were not actually Christians, arose from Christian culture. The bystanders most capable of helping were Christians. The point should have been obvious. Yet comparatively few American non-Jews recognized the plight of the European Jews was their plight too. Most were either unaware, did not care, or saw the European Jewish catastrophe as a Jewish problem, one for Jews to deal with. That explains, in part, why the United States did so little to help."

3. Your stated: "If the Jews relinquished ownership of the Holocaust . . . .there might ht be less resistance, resentment, exasperation, denial and, frankly, anti-Semitism." Let me tell you that anti-Semitism is a irrational phenomena, not connected with the behavior of the Jews. Throughout the ages the Jews were blamed for the plague, for Germany's defeat, for communism, for capitalism and now you are blaming them for mourning of their six million deaths. I call this creative anti-Semitism.

As to my comments, I detect in your letter a lot of prejudices coupled with self-righteous indignation. I could not find Christian values of humility, understanding, compassion, and maybe love for other human beings. The lack of those value in your "Gentile world" made the Holocaust possible, in the first place. I do feel sorry for you.


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