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by Alexander Kimel - Holocaust Survivor.


Praised be O God, Ruler of the Universe, who made us captives of Hope.
Guard me, O God, from hating man, my brother.
Guard me from recalling, what he did to me.
Even when all the stars in the sky are quenched,
Even when my soul becomes mute,
When I am overcome by disaster,
Let me not lay his guilt bare.

When the barbed wire fence is locked,
Darkness over the nation reclines,
And we are emptied of love, rejected,
I am bound to my rock-O Lord.
Permit me to see in my brother a spark,
The spark of humanity still shining,
That I may know that in me, myself,
Not all is extinguished yet.


We were sitting in the Ghettoes of Europe, longing for the Messiah.
Waiting for the Messiah to redeem us, collect the bones of the dead,
Clothe them with new flesh and bring us to the Promised Land.
And then the Jackal, the Devil's Messiah came. He starved and afflicted us.
Collected the living, burned the bones with the tender flesh,
Scattered the ashes, poisoning the soul of the earth.

Hungry, desolate, shaken we cried with tears of blood.
Nobody listened. Our wounds were dressed with burning salt.
Where is your God? Why is He silent? Mockingly, the bystanders asked.
You are afflicted with the sins of your fathers. They killed our God!
The blasphemy went unpunished. Can God be killed?
Woe to us, if mortals their Creator can slay .
God survived but his teaching of Love and Justice, their indifference slew.

Behold OLord and see how abject we became
Is there a pain resembling our pain?
Our parched lips cried for a drop of compassion
But we got a bitter pill of mocking humiliation.
Our hearts were bleeding but our eyes were dry.
Dreaming about bread, living cadavers don't cry.
You Lord saw our suffering and strain.
You listened to our wailing cries.
But the world looked on in silence.

Behold O Lord and listen to our cries, and see how
The Jackals extinguished the divine spark of our humanity,
They burned our souls and shamelessly used our bodies.
Converted our bones into fertilizer, our hair into mattresses,
Our bowels into soap, our skin into lampshades.
They broke our teeth and bought weapons with the gold.

Listen, O Listen all nations, and hear our agony.
The tongue of the suckling cleaves to his palate for thirst.
The young children ask for bread, in vain.
Our virgins and young men have fallen by the sword.
A million of Jewish children consumed by fire.
Behold O Lord and see their wickedness,
But don't do unto them what they have done unto us.


Forever and ever, and to the end of our days, we will remember,
The chimneys of Auschwitz belching sulfur and brine.
Jewish babies thrown into the oven's fire alive
Dark soot from their burning flesh like a mushroom spreads
Contaminating the twisted conscience of this world.
The Churches of God silent, while their priests
Looked the other way, afraid of the serpent that came from the East.

Forever and ever and to the end of our days we will remember,
The generations of Jewish children, reared for slaughter,
Children, who in there short lives, knew not joy,
Feasting only on hunger, deprivation and fear.
To the end of our days we will remember,
The pain of Jewish mothers leading their children to the chambers of gas
Carrying their babies to the mass graves or choking them with their tender hands.
We will remember the Jewish fathers walking the desolated Valley of Death,
Saturated with the blood of their children, engulfed with smoke from their grilled flesh.

Forever and ever, and to the end of our days, we will remember,
The plight of the Jewish families sent to the gas chambers.
Tightly packed into cattle cars, they traveled without air, water or food,
Knowing that at the end of journey, they will convert into ashes and smoke.
To the end of our days we will remember,
Orphans of the Ghetto, waiting in misery for their turn to be gassed,
To be reunited with their parents in the heap of human ashes.
To the end of our days we will remember,
The Sages, Elders and Rabbis of Israel
Who instead of teaching the people how to live in peace
Had to teach them how to die with dignity.

Forever and ever, and to the end of our days, we will remember,
The Fighters of the Ghettoes and the Jewish partisans,
Who fought without weapons, ammunition, or hope.
Their heroism paved the way for the rebirth of our people.
To the end of our days, we will remember,
The Six Millions that were gassed, burned, starved,
Choked, beaten, poisoned, or shot to death.
In our hearts their Sacred Memory will last Forever and Ever. Amen.


We will never forget, the scenes from the ghettoes during the raid.
Children shaking like leaves in the wind.
Mothers searching for a piece of bread.
Shadows, on swollen legs, moving with fear.
The shouts of the raiders, enjoying the hunt.
Cries of the wounded, begging for life.
Faces of mothers carved with pain.
Shaking children, dripping with fear.

We will never forget, the families vanished in the midst of the day.
The mass graves steaming with vapor of blood.
Mothers searching for children in vain.
The pain of the ghetto, cutting like a knife.
The night scented with snow melting blood.
The faceless shadows, searching for kin.

We will never forget this world upside down?
Where the departed are blessed with an instant death.
While the living are condemned to a wretched life,
And a long tortuous journey into unnamed place,
Converting human beings, into ashes and gas.


We do believe, with all our hearts in the natural goodness of man.
Despite the blood and destruction, brought by man, trying to be God,
In the Goodness of Man, we do believe.
We do believe, with all our hearts,
That the Lord gave us the blessing and the curse.
Man can select the blessing of love, harmony and beauty
Or the curse of envy, hatred and violence.
Despite the painful curses of the past
In the blessing of the Creator, we do believe.

We do believe, with all our strength,
That God created a beautiful world,
The sun and the trees, the flowers and the bees.
And the best way to serve God, is
To enjoy the fruits of His labor of love.
Despite the painful memories from the past,
In the joyful celebration of life, we do believe.
We do believe with all our strength,
That God has created man in image of His own.
And killing of man is like killing of God.

We believe with all our strength.
That the Messiah and the Kingdom of Heaven will come;
When man will conquer his destructive urge,
And learn how to live in harmony with nature
When all the preachers of hate will be silenced,
And man will become his brother's keeper.

When man will stop hating and killing, in the name of God,
And nation will not lift weapons against nation.
When it will be, we do not know, but
Despite all the signs to the contrary.
In the dawn of a Better World, we do believe.


Merciful Father, Remember with kindness the Six Million Martyrs
In Our Hearts They will live Forever and Ever.
Let Their Sacred Memory keep our people together,
Guard and protect them from the perils of extinction and assimilation.
Comfort, O God, the mourners of Zion together with the mourners of the Shoah.


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