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March 2004

Almighty God! Let the Ashes of the Children incinerated in Auschwitz, rivers of blood spilled in Babbi Yar or Majdanek, be a warning to mankind that violence is destructive, hatred is contagious, while man has an unlimited capacity for cruelty.

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Anti-Terror Convention Needed.

The 20 Century was a century of Lunatic Dictators who killed millions of people, the 21 Century looks like a century of Lunatic Terrorists who could terminate life on this planet. A United Nation anti-terror convention is urgently needed to eliminate senseless terror the way that slavery or piracy was eliminated. My reasoning is as follows:

1. During the 20 century millions of innocent people lost their lives: Hitler killed about 50 million people (WW2), Stalin murdered about 25 millions, Mao is responsible for the death of 20 million Chinese, Pol Pot killed a mere 2 million of Cambodians. The list is unfortunately long.

2. In the 21 Century the internal killings by lunatic dictators receded and were substituted by international lunatic terrorists who blinded with hate, subsidized and manipulated by terror sponsoring states, created a cult of death, sowing blood and destruction that is threatening our civilization.

3. Similarly to the dictators, the terrorist fraternity is using global anti-Semitism as glue to keep together diverging elements of societies and channel their frustration toward hatred of Jews and the United States.

4. The availability of weapons of mass destruction such as atomic weapons, poisonous gas, biological agents, raises the specter of mass killings that will make the killings of the lunatic dictators look like a picnic.

5. During the Cold War period world peace was protected by the balance of terror. Both sides knew that they could not survive an atomic war. In the age of "suicide bombers" terror is one sided, the balance of terror doest not exists.

6. Therefore a strong Anti-Terror Convention is urgently needed, to prevent terrorist activities by punishing the terror sponsoring states through economic and political isolation, called and enforced by the United Nation.

7. Under the rules of an Anti-Terror Convention an independent World Court could be created that will remove the targeting of the terrorist states and organizations from the influence of national and in terantional politics. A strong independent world court would make this planet a safer place.

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