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by Alexander Kimel

The Jewish Word (SLOWO ZYDOWSKIE), published in Warsaw by the Civic and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland (TSKZ), reported in the last issue (17-31 December 1999) on the sermon by Father Sikora in a Wolomin church on the outskirts of Warsaw. The occasion was the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the first "Solidarity" government in Poland. The event was attended by the state and local government officials. Father Sikora made the following points:

(1) although the Jews do not have a party, they are de facto the rulers of Poland and they rule to the detriment of Poland and the Poles.

(2) The Jews instead of being grateful, shot the Polish soldiers in the back when Poland was occupied by foreign powers and under the communists they were saying: "Stalin had given us Poland and we can do to the Poles whatever we desire."

(3) Walesa got the Nobel Prize for allowing KOR ("the Jews") in the "Solidarity" organization. In fact, the Nobel Prize is given to the Jews ("Mr. Singer, Mr. Milosz - father a Jew and mother a Jewess, Miss Wislawa Szymborska - also a little Jewess. These kind of people get the Nobel Prize.").

(4) The forces in Poland which work at annihilation of the Polish nation" must be defeated."

The absurdity of this "sermon" is obvious. Less obvious are the things Sikora left out. For centuries the Germans and the Russians were Poland's mortal enemies. They occupied the Polish territories (XVIII century), introduced policies of forceful Germanization and Russification, policies bent on cultural annihilation. In our times the Germans attacked Poland, killed millions. The Russian stabbed Poland in the back, killed all the officers corp, resettled to Siberia millions, imposed an hateful regime, etc. Sikora doesn't show any animosity toward the Germans or Russians, all the animosity is reserved toward the non-existing Jews. Is this anti-Semitism?

Anti-Semitism is defined as hatred or detesting of Jews. Practically there are no Jews in Poland to detest. Today there are about 15,000 Jews among a population of 40 millions, a fraction of one percent (0.04%). Practically there are no Jews in Poland, but they loom powerfully in the Polish psyche, as the infamous Sikora homily indicates. There cannot be anti-Semitism without the physical presence of Jews. So what is it? What is this source of hatred of those mythical Jews?

I believe it is DEMONIZATION OF THE JEWS the perception, that similarly to the Devil, the Jews are wicked and powerful. The teaching of the Gospels, the passion plays, the literature (like Merchant Of Venice) penetrated the culture and folklore of Poland, as well as other countries, creating the basis of DEMONIZATION. In Poland, even today, a mother telling her child that if he misbehaves the Jew will take it away. As an outcome the Jews are blamed for all ills of the society.

Discussing this "sermon" on the Web Prof. MCD wrote: "If so, one can easily see why this state of affairs would color Polish perceptions of Jews. The situation appears to be the familiar one (as, e.g., in the U.S.) that while only a minority of Jews were Communists, Jews formed a disproportionate number of Communists, including much of the leadership."

I wonder Prof. MCD knows the percentage of Irish in the Communist party in the US? Does he know how many Italians were members of the party? The Jews loom very strongly on the prejudice horizon. Reverend Fallwel was sure that Anti-Christ will be a Jew from the USA. Demonization is different from anti-Semitism that it is a matter of negative attitude. Even people like Fallwel, who consider themselves friend of Jews, can have this Demonizing attitude.

For me personally all this hair splitting about the "Jewish Communists", "Jewish Societies" etc., is childish. The Jews voted with their feet when leaving Poland, and the Jewish Communists were as opportunistic as the Polish Communists.

In a regime that rewarded duplicity with power and privileges many Jews and Poles succumbed to the temptations. I never saw a totalitarian regime that lacked henchmen. Mao, Pot Pol, Hitler, Saddam Hussein had them in abundance, although they were not Jewish. The Jewish history is full chain of COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IMAGINARY CRIMES. Here we have just another example of the Demonization of the Jews.


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