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Written by Alexander Kimel - Holocaust Survivor.

Although Hitler gained tremendous popularity, he also developed a extensive system of concentration camp where all the dissident were reeducated, and taught lessons in compliance. During the Nazi years about 500,000 Germans passed through the Concentration Camps, but at the same time about 14 millions of Germans joined the Nazi Party and Nazi sponsored organizations. Hitler's popularity on the Home Front was the foundation of his regime, the Germans followed their adored Fuhrer on the path of destruction.

Nazism with the acceptance of social Darwinism, equated man with animals, rob him of individual freedom of making choices, the ability to think for themselves. Brutality, terror, mendacity and ruthless exploitation of man by men became the norm of behavior. If the same laws of natural selection like the animals rule man, when the spark of the divine is removed from man's consciousness than men can be treated like an animals; he can be bred artificially, and treated like cattle. For example the war and the reckless conduct of the war brought very high casualties. Hitler tried to improve the situation, not by cutting losses, but by improving the breeding methods. In Auschwitz the Angel of Death - Mengele was conducted "scientific " experiments on twins, killing them, dissecting them, trying to figure out how to improve the breeding methods, to double the output of the German women. The Germans were treated like breeding animals the S.S.-their shepherds and their master breeder - their Fuhrer. The Germans were treated like prize cattle, other nationalities were treated like ordinary cattle and the Jews like vermin.

Webster defines revolution as a overthrow of a government, form of a government or social system with another taking his place. Definitely, coming Hitler to power was a revolution; the form of government changed, and the social system changed in its entirety. The initial changes were minimal compared with the changes introduced by Himmler with the creation of a Totalitarian, Police State. By the creation of the concentration camps, expansion of the S.S. into an all-encompassing organization, the Nazi revolution was hijacked. The anti-Semitism helped the duo Himmler - Heydrich in hijacking the Nazi revolution and in the development of the Totalitarian State, by playing on Hitler's compulsive hatred of the Jews. In Nazi Germany the power was concentrated into the hands of the Nazi Paladins who like feudal overlords controlled segments of the national life. One area of responsibility that was not assigned to any satrap was the Jewish policy, and this was the most rewarding area in terms of finding access to the Fuhrer and reaping the awards by plundering the Jewish properties. There was strong competition between the Nazi elite to get control over the Jews: in 1938 it was Goebbels the propaganda minister that organized the pogrom of the Kristalnight, Ley was also known as a Jew Baiter. The easiest way for advancing in the Nazi hierarchy was the initiation of anti-Jewish measures. The execution of the Final Solution gave the duo Himmler-Heydrich the opportunity to gain Hitler's support and amass a tremendous amount of power. By creating the a powerful S.S. organization, they created a state within a state, and imposed on the German people a system based on cruelty, and complete control of the individual by the S.S. State. In 1942 some Nazi circles realized the dangerous development and started, too late, to fight this development. Hans Frank, the legal adviser to Fuhrer, realized in 1942 that Himmler and his S.S. organization have hijacked the Nazi revolution, and started to warn the German people. On June 1942 Frank declared in Berlin:
" Without law - or contrary to law- no German Reich is conceivable. A people cannot be ruled by force, a community without law is unthinkable... It is intolerable that the State should be able to deprive a member of the community of honor, liberty, life and property, declare him an outlaw and condemn him..."
In Vienna University he declared on July 1, 1942 :
" I shall continue to assert with all the force at my command, that it would be bad if the Police State were to be presented as ideal of no circumstance can a State be endangered by being humane... Even in wartime, a mode of life based on the rule of law is important for the development of the community...force alone cannot make the State strong. Brutality is never synonymous with strength. "
But it was to late, Franks voice was a voice in the wilderness. Hitler dismissed him from his Party positions and dismissed him as a Reichsminister. Hitler did not accept to his resignation as governor-general of Poland, perhaps to counteract the growth of the Police State. Hitler himself was aware of this state of affairs, and it looks like that he purposely-nominated Heydrich as the Protector of Czechoslovakia, to break up the duo. Without Heydrich's brains Himmler was not threatening. It is interesting to note that only in 1936 Dr. Hans Frank, then Commissioner of Justice and Reich Law Leader, told the German Jurists that the National Socialist ideology is the foundation of all basic laws, explaining :
" There is no independence of law against National Socialism. Say to yourself at every decision, which you make : " How would the Fuhrer decide in my place?" In every decision ask yourselves : " Is the decision compatible with the National Socialist conscience of the German people ?"
CONCLUSIONS The basic aim of Hitler was self-glorification through glorification of Germany, establishing a 1000-year Reich based on the conquest of Europe and this could only be achieved through war. Hitler dreamed about a war that will give him a chance to remake the world into his image. The Nazi "revolution" and the creation of the Totalitarian State, was an effort to remove all the restraint of civilization on the Germans and free them to act in accordance with instinctual drives of their leader. The development of a totalitarian state was based on Hitler's popularity, and reinforced with terror. Hitler used extensive propaganda to manipulate the population, obtain enormous popularity, and then used the popularity as a consensus for his brutal policies. Any sign of popular discontent would have stopped those policies, like the protest of euthanasia. In Hitler's Germany everybody was following orders, nobody dared to ask questions. People that raised objections were sent to the concentration camps for reeducation. Hitler's most powerful tool was the devoted, ruthless SS organization, a powerful private army controlled by Himmler. In this climate any wish of the Fuhrer, even the most insane, was executed promptly with military precision.


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