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by Alexander Kimel - Holocaust Survivor
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There is no rational explanation for the madness of the Final Solution. At the time of the Holocaust, the Jews were stripped of their possessions, walled in ghettos, powerless and docile. They had no power, no land, nothing. The Jews were not a danger to Hitler's rule.

On the contrary, the destruction of the Jewry, affected negatively the German war effort, destroyed valuable industrial manpower, strained the transportation system, eliminated 25% of the medical professions and crippled the German research institutions, especially in the field of atomic physics. In addition, the racial discrimination laws excluded from military service about 300,000 Jews and half-Jews. The Wehrmacht lost about fifteen divisions, that could have been fielded.

World War II was decided not only on the battlefields, but also in the scientific laboratories. The invention of radar, breaking of the secret codes, building of superior aircrafts and tanks, decided the outcome of the war. Killing of scientists, doctors or other valuable manpower in time of war, was sheer lunacy. The Final Solution was against the interest of the German people and the Nazi party , and there is only one explanation for this lunacy .... madness.

Only a sick, compulsive mind, living in his own distorted world, could conceive such a Kafkasian horror. Hitler had such a mind. Despite outward appearance of strength, he was a sick, paranoid man, full of delusions. He believed that he is the greatest German who ever lived, the greatest master builder, the greatest military leader, the greatest philosopher, a liberator of humanity. His paranoia, delusions, detachment from reality, brutality, lack of moral scruples were signs of general paresis, a sickness that is caused by the dilapidating disease of syphilis.

It can be proven, that Hitler was infected with syphilis in 1908, and thirty years later, the dormant illness entered the tertiary stage, causing inflammation of the brain, called general paresis. The fact that Hitler was in his youth infected with syphilis, is mentioned in the memoirs of many Nazi dignitaries. Speer for example, mentions that Hitler was treated by Dr. Morell, a specialist in skin and venereal diseases. Earnst Hanfstaengel talks of Hitler congenital diseases, due to syphilis infection.

Hitler ordered the killing, because he believed that the Jews were his powerful enemies, bent on destroying him. For Hitler the Jews were like windmills to Don Quixote. The best proof of Hitler's sickness is his behavior at the end of the war. When the Russians were only miles away, he was holed in the bunker and spent his time shuffling non-existing divisions or ordering increased production of tanks and aircrafts, in non-existing factories. He lost completely the touch with reality. His outward appearance was pitiful; his hands trembled, and he walked scooped, with difficulty. It looked like that he suffered from Parkinson's disease, but medical experts say that Parkinsonism affects only the motor coordination. It doesn't cause detachment from reality. There is no doubt that Hitler suffered from general paresis and a powerful nation, followed a syphilitic leader, on a path of war and destruction. The insanity of one man was superimposed on a whole nation.

The Holocaust is not the only indication of Hitler's derangement. Nazi Germany was full of the bizarre. For example: Germany had human breeding farms, where volunteer teenage girls were impregnated by blond, blue-eyed SS- men, to bear children for the Fuhrer . . . Hitler considered the creation of a new religion, where he would play the role of a Redeemer of mankind, and all future generation of Germans would pray to him. . . . In Auschwitz Mengele conducted experiments on twins, to find ways of improving the breeding methods for the German women . . . An uneducated corporal, was commanding an army of 5 million people, slowly grinding it down, while the propaganda minister, Goebbels, ran the country.

God created man in his image and Hitler tried to create a new man in his own brutal image. His vision of a new world is outlined in the "Table Talks" a book based on Hitler's own monologues. It is a chilling picture of a world order based on slavery, brutality and . . . nonsense. There is no doubt that the Hitler was a charismatic leader, who was able to infect with his paranoia a whole generation the German people. The Holocaust was the first stage of the new world order and a few of Hitler's admirers in this country would be surprised to learn, that they would have been the next victims.

It is tragic, that for the satisfaction of the whim of one man, a whole nation was crucified and the world, conditioned by two thousand years of anti-Semitism, looked on in silence, indifferent. Nothing was done to stop the killings.

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